Pitch: Islands in the Sky

Dette er den pitch, jeg sender ud til spillerne om lidt. Pitchen er på engelsk, fordi jeg har en spiller fra Brasilien og en fra Tyskland.

Islands in the Sky
It is told that the Moon collided with the Earth and brought dust, darkness and death. The lands were shattered, leaving ash-covered islands in the black sky. A thousand winters came and went. Man, all but extinct, arose from the ashes and started building civilisations anew. Smaller groups of people gathered on islands. These, they viewed as their kingdoms or countries.
This is where our story begins.
While man is struggling just to survive, he is also fighting, trading, empire building etc. Alliances are formed, wars waged and power struggles are everywhere.
You are all living on a remote island, where the population is slowly dying due to bad luck, bad harvests and bad relations to the surrounding islands. Years ago, your crown prince disappeared. Folk lore says that returning the crown prince to the island will bring back prosperity and wealth.
The elders have placed the responsibility of finding the crown prince on your collective shoulders.
Islands in the Sky will be an episodic, short form campaign, lasting from 5 to 10 sessions. You will travel the Islands in the Sky (flying from island to island), searching for the crown prince. Most of you will have your own ulterior motives. Some of you might become legends. Some might die. Most will be probably completely changed by the journey.
The shattered earth is home to no other sentient races than man. There are no elves, halflings or dwarfs. But strange and dangerous spirits lurk around the corner and weird, unique creatures inhabit caves, mountain tops and ruins from a bygone age before the apocalypse. Gnarled monsters with murder on their minds dwell in holes and strange empty-eyed horrors haunt the skies.
Think The Wizard of Earthsea mixed with the French comic book Dungeon and a bit of the Tv-series Dragonhunters. And then add a whole lot of dark pulp fantasy – and you’re almost there.
The playing style will be swifit, filled with improvisation and focused on story telling. We’ll play evenings – in shorter sessions (from 20 to 23-ish).
The system will be The Shadow of Yesterday. I like it a lot. It’s simple and most of it is very close to eg. d&d in playing style. On the other hand, there are also a few cool features that are totally different. You can find the game text online here: http://zork.net/~nick/loyhargil/tsoy2/book1–rulebook.html You are very welcome to read it – you’ll find that I have taken some elements from the game’s background – and left others out.

10 kommentarer til “Pitch: Islands in the Sky

  1. En af øerne hedder Sky Mountain, og de flyver omkring i et dampskib… Steamboat to Sky Mountain!

    Der var også et nyt navn til kampagnen 🙂

    Jeg ville spille det.

  2. Åh, gud, Steamboat to Sky Mountain (og dens mindre kendte bror, Steambot to Sky Mountain) – det er så fedt. Det var tider!

  3. “You’ll find that I have taken some elements from the game’s background – and left others out.”

    Ja, det har du da også. Sjovt, fordi systemet ikke understøtter settingen (mere end så mange andre settings).
    Det er faktisk lidt interessant at det ikke gør det.

    1. Det er det, jeg godt kan lide ved TSoY. Det er et generisk system, som kan anvendes til så mange forskellige settings. Det kommer meget tydeligt frem i Solar System-versionen, som netop sælger reglerne som generiske.

      Der er dog specifikke World of Near-regler, men de inde i afsnittet om verdenen, hvor der er regler for folkeslagene og magien osv. Men derudover understøttes settingen ikke af reglerne.

      1. Hm, settingen kommer til udtryk i karaktererne, vil jeg mene. Derfor er en setting med personer, der strides rigtig god til TSOY-reglerne. Deraf følger Near-settingens stridende nationer. Jeg har på forhånd ikke lavet særlig meget setting, fordi jeg simpelthen er for doven og uinteresseret i det. Men de stridende øer er totalt i det spor.
        Jeg planlægger for øvrigt at lade dem bruge Near-mgi, hvis de lyster det.

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