Story Now, improvisation og historier

Som et forsinket svar på den lange debat bl.a. på RPGforum om rollespil og historier – og primært som et svar på Næsbys holdning om, at historier i rollespil ikke kan måle sig med de “store” historier bringer jeg her et rigtig fint citat fra en interessant debat på Story Games. Det er Timothy Kleinert, aka Timfire, designeren bag The Mountain Witch, der udtaler:

“I will say one other thing, though. We have to be careful about comparing RPG play with regular stories, be it literature or film. The improvisational nature of RPGs lends itself to a different type of narrative than the regular writing process does.

Without getting into it (too much), improvisation is more about moments of expressions, rather than a coherent flow or progression. Obviously, in the normal writing process, you can go back and edit your fiction, making everything fit tightly together. You can’t really do that in improvisational artforms like RPGs. You can try, but it’s really difficult and it doesn’t take advantage of the main advantage of improv, to be able to tweak the fiction to fit the mood of the audience/author.

Not that all that shouldn’t be a concern when playing. Just be aware that the fiction produced by improv is going to look different than the fiction produced by the normal writing process.”


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